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Celebrating friendship 1

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

There is very little happening work wise this early 2021. It is Covid times, it is lockdown, it is let's take this opportunity to reflect and celebrate friends. Because without friends we are nothing. You certainly do not need to have lots of friends to feel happy and complete, and certainly not those ones from social medias. But I am a very fortunate person with relationships throughout my diverses peregrinations. I have met many great people throughout my life on various adventures and sharing exciting projects. The first of this series is Rafael. Met sometimes in 2003/4 in London through a common friend. We instantly clicked and worked on an art installation of his at the LSE. We share common interests, passions and humour. We both have families with 2 kids and both live in East London. We always help each other out in any circumstance. We trust each other completely and we also work together. My life in London without him would be difficult.

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