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Celebrating friendship 9

What can I say about my number 9? He is just my mate, my rock. Met in my teens as he was forming a band we got introduced through common friends. Pascal is someone who doesn't say much but he doesn't need to to assert his belief. He is like a big teddy bear, the glue that make a group sticks together. He is that friend with whom you can spend hours next to each other without talking and just being happy. We spent a lot of time together writing songs, going to concerts and sharing some very important times of our lives. He suddenly vanished and reappeared starting a new life in Toulouse. Then a lot of friends followed by leaving Paris for the South-West. We have met regularly either in England or France, and keep in touch regularly. He has built his little family with lovely Sophie and they are just a great family with their two boys. I miss him, and them, but I am sure we'll find a new opportunity to catch up soon. Best mate!

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