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Celebrating friendship 8

Franck might be my oldest best friend of all. We met in first year College and we clicked instantly. He is the one who introduced me to Metal. I liked my Prog Rock until then but the new stuff he made me listen instantly struck with me. It was the start of a long friendship where we were next to each almost constantly for the next few years through Art studies up to my BA at La Sorbonne. We also joined a band together, him as a singer and me as an improvised bass guitar player. We did quite a few creative projects together mixing painting, mixed media and photography (This photograph is actually part of a Comic Book project) We also played Volley-Ball for a club together. And we did a lot of partying also...Franck is a sensitive, a rather shy character really, endlessly doubtful of his abilities but a crafty master at drawing! He is really likeable and sociable but he is also in his little bubble where a whole other world is at play. I love him for who he is and for his vulnerability. He has no pretence and embodies the emotional edge we all carry whether in disguise or openly.

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