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Celebrating friendship 7

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

This lady is just exceptional. We met through her sister with whom I worked with as a lab technician in Paris. Ziggy was in Paris for the weekend and was kind enough to introduce me to how life is in Albion. Few months later I landed in London and my first night out was in her company in Old Shoreditch before it became what it is now. Couple of years later she told me she met the man of her life in a train to Exeter. One month later she moved to Devon with Tony the farmer. I have been visiting them regularly in their lovely farm and I cannot think of nicest people. There is that connection with both of them defying the norm. Ziggy is a superwoman who joggles jobs, housekeeping, 3 children, and so many other things with local community and the farm. I just dont know how they do it? We have so much laughter when we meet. We tease and know each other very well. Our lives have evolved in parallel and it's always a revelation to see each other. My own little family loves visiting them too, and being altogether is just gold!

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