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Celebrating friendship 6

I met Fred probably before 2000 as he was doing a School of Photography exchange with St Martins. We met through the photographic agency I was working for at the time and we had many lengthy discussions about the medium. Fred didn't spend that much time in London but our relationship grew over the years despite the distance. Not only we share the same passion but somehow unconsciously have the same gestative projects. And as a result we spent a 10 days road-trip down the famous Route du Soleil N7, taking photographs as a duet. We also have this other common passion for comic books. As a child my dream was to become an illustrator but quickly realised that my story-telling abilities were close to none. In my teens Photography became an evidence as it encapsulated stories directly from the real and I left pencils and notebooks behind me. Fred went the other way and teaches Illustration now (but still loves and practices photography) Fred is a very touching, sensible, knowledgeable and very talented person with whom you can either have intellectual ping-pong highs as much as a silly old laugh.

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