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Celebrating friendship 4

I met Wolfe in Winter 2001 by the National Theatre as he was painting his never ending "Last Super" on a large canvas on the deserted grounds of the Southbanks. I was in a dark place at that time and after weeks of self-isolation I decided it was about time to go outside with my camera and open to the world. I saw him painting alone unphased by the elements. He noticed me but remained quiet at first. Eventually he left his brush and came towards me. His face was solemn, but as he started talking a whole new character unfolded. He was soft, caring and invited to his upcoming exhibition in Bethnal Green. It was the start of a beautiful friendship, and many adventure in the Art World! Wolfe always has had ambition but what clicked between us was on a different level. It was about trust, truth and love of life. Our paths have diverted and we haven't had a chance to meet privately since his career has taken off. I miss him.

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