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Rupert & Elizabeth 3/7/21

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

As we are approaching this UK Covid-free deadline I can witness a huge enthusiasm to celebrate Life. Rupert and Elizabeth are the ultimate example by combining in one day 1/ 50th wedding anniversary 2/ Christian renewal of vows 3/ Jewish blessing of the house (which got damages few years back with terrible fire) and Mezuzah 4/ Hog Roast Party to thank all the local crafty people involved in the bespoke restoration of the house. All this on a day England beat Ukraine in the 1/4 finals of the Euros 2020. What a day!

"Thank you so much for Saturday. It was no only wonderful to see you but also to know what a beautiful job you were doing. Mum and Dad both said what a lovely presence you are - and also huge thank you for re-arranging your plans for the day. The photos are absolutely wonderful!!! You are so very good! Mum and Dad are thrilled" Miriam xxxx

"Dear David, the photos have arrived. We are absolutely thrilled with them. You’ve managed to capture all the key moments, but also lots of low-key, hidden ones as well …. unexpected people on swings, or swimming, or eating multiple ice-creams … Our son Nick hadn’t been able to get back from Australia in time, but returned yesterday, so we had a wonderful evening scrolling through the photos and reliving the party. I guess that’s one of the magical things about photos … their ability to capture the moment , or should I say the photographer’s skill in capturing the moment ! Also rather useful to see who was at the party , as I didn’t even manage to speak to everyone there… the downside of such a big gathering . So thank you David , It was so generous of you to come as I know you had other plans, But it was wonderful for us to have you there . We hope to see you again soon" Elizabeth

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