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It's never too late for a Book

I shot this wedding in South of France in 2005 with film. It was one of the last few weddings I did back then using two analogue cameras loaded with 35mm colour and BW. I really enjoyed those days of "capturing the moment" without looking at the screen of your camera. All your attention being on the light, subject, composition and timing. Obviously as you can imagine no margin for error. And I am proud to say that for almost 10 years I never missed or lost a single roll ( apart that day when a man stole a camera of mine during a wedding service)

My position was quite clear back then. Keep shooting with film as digital wasn''t fit for quality and longevity in those days. I would encourage my couples to opt for film and then pay a little extra to obtain high res. scans. That way you keep and save your originals for future generations and you can play with the scans to make online books. I don't think Yvette and Edward really understood the concept back then but they really liked my work. So I was sent to the Côte d'Azur for three days to capture a very special occasion at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild.

Back to London with the prints and the couple was really excited with the results but they didn't want to invest in extra expenses with the scans. As a consequence, the book became a very remote project. Years passed on, one child came after the other, yearly family pictures kept us close and the wedding book potential was briefly discussed occasionally.

But this year, 15 years later, I thought something had to be done. And the pandemic has also played a significant role in that decision, with extra time on hands to do all those things that you never have time for! The book has eventually landed and in two formats. Lots of work, lots of thoughts and lots of joy to re-live and revive this very beautiful story in the sun.

So, if you still have negs or decent digital files, and totally forgot to make or order a coffee table book form your wedding, it's never too late to make one. And it's also a very good gift for a birthday, Christmas present or Valentines celebration - just saying...

(images displayed are screenshot. Shot with 35mm negatives and Nikon FM2's)

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