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Golden years 4/11/22

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

I have started a new venture portraying grand-parents. I really enjoyed that first experience with lovely Steve and Lynn. Taking portraits of grand-parents was in fact the subject of my first ever paid assignment when I was 17. I have always enjoyed spending time with older generations and learn from their stories. 30 years later I am back at it and offer 1h session with free use of all the high res. final selection. Most people think that passed a certain age there is no need for photographs but I strongly disagree. The who you are now is wiser, better and this is this you that the grandchildren will remember. This young you that you once were belongs to you only. The one you have become is closer to what your family knows.

"We are thrilled with the photos they’re gorgeous!!

Delighted with the ones of us both and then ones with granddaughters.

Thank you SO much"

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