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Celebrating friendship 10

Last but not least my wife Vivi. We met in 2007 through Tom (post 3) and our beginnings were quite humble. She was born in Quito, Ecuador but has grown as a Swede in the North. Being always the "different one" has made our paths cross and in a natural way (me being the sole artist of my French family living abroad) We both moved to London in Autumn 1998 and almost lived in the same streets, even flats, but never met until 10 years later. Being both runners our first date was an escape in Epping Forest and the rest is history. We have met as two individuals, a bit lost in this vast and indifferent London, and we are growing organically in our little nest with our two children. When your dreams finally materialise from the least expected sources you first feel lucky. When this miracle keeps giving, you feel blessed. Vivi is now my other half, my complement - we merged, and it's the best thing in the World!

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