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Welcome to the new 2exposures website!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

It is now the third version of 2exposures website since 2005. New decade and new technologies mean more mobile phone and tablet friendly.

2exposures range of services is also growing. New categories such as Bar Mitzvahs and Same Sex weddings have emerged. As years passed by, photographic requests have broaden which is really exciting but the core of the concept remains the same People and Real Life Documentary.

I am personally proud to have succeeded in having built a strong relationship with Albins Funeral Directors. Funeral Photography has been in my mind for more than 20 years and it is obviously a very delicate subject to approach. But I feel blessed to have found in late Barry Albins, and now his sons, the same care, love and enthusiasm for celebrating people's life.

“Life and Photography” this is what 2exposures is about.

Visit and comment

You may find the new website dense but it is designed in a way that you can go straight to your area of interest. Feel free to comment on the pros and cons. I have also added a Q&A page which might be quite useful. Email me if your question isn't on my list.


You might have noticed that no testimonies page are to be found. The trouble is that I have accumulated quite a lot of those throughout the years and they would require their own page which would have been too much to digest really. I will make a special post on the blog with past ones if you are interested. The new ones will be found alongside the new assignments as jobs get posted.

VERY IMPORTANT / NEW EMAIL ADDRESS (almost the same really)

In order to make a smooth transition between old and new blog you can click on that link to go through my archives

Enjoy the new website and Happy 2020!

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