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Café Royal Books sale

Quite excited to go through a lot of 10 publications that Café Royal Books offers at random for only £20 - that's what I call a deal! This is not my first purchase and I have also been offered a few. But I would like to take this opportunity to thank immensely Craig Atkinson for the wonderful job he has done over the years for publishing all those ageing photographic works that major publishers wouldn't see interest for in the past. Not only it has given a voice to the photographers of the invisible but most importantly it has enabled to showcase proudly a poignant layer of community and societal identity that UK has been lacking for decades. Craig and Café Royal Books have put British Documentary Photography back on the map.

From Craig's own words

Independent publisher established in 2005, making documentary photography accessible through weekly titles. Preserving images of cultural history, community, street and social changed linked to Britain and Ireland, and a broader World Series.

Café Royal Books are always open to submissions and are particularly interested to hear from underrepresented photographers.

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